Teaching Kids Good Oral Health Habits

Your child’s dental health is an important part of their well-being. At Ponte Vedra Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics we strive to provide the best of care in a supportive and caring environment. We assist your child with all their dental needs to ensure their teeth are healthy. We provide care for common dental needs such as braces and teeth extraction. As a parent you want your children to develop good dental habits early in life as it helps their teeth stay healthy throughout childhood and beyond.

General good dental habits include brushing your teeth twice daily, brushing for two to three minutes each time, flossing daily, and when brushing your teeth being sure to be thorough and not missing the corners of the mouth of the tongue. These habits can help prevent common dental health concerns. For example, the average adult has had at least one cavity by the time they’re 17 years old. With preventive care and good habits, you can prevent your child from having to deal with such an issue.

We receive a lot of questions from parents on how to help their children develop these habits. Here are some tips to teach your children good dental health habits.

Five Tips For Teaching Your Children Good Oral Hygiene

Set a Good Example

Children often imitate their parents and will look to you for guidance on what to do and how to act. By practicing good oral hygiene yourself, you show your children how important this is and why they should do it as well.

Explain Things

In addition to showing children how to care for their teeth you should tell them why this is important. Explaining regular brushing habits, eating the right foods, and flossing can excite your children by giving them more responsibility.

Use Examples

You have a wealth of material you can use to teach your children about dental health. You can use children’s books, smartphone apps, YouTube videos, and more. This shows children what to do, the benefits of doing so, and also serves as a hands-on teaching tool to improve oral health.

Let Them Pick Their Own Toothbrush

When it comes to dental care you want your children to take ownership of their own oral health. By letting them pick their own toothbrush you empower them and give them ownership of caring for their own teeth. Be encouraging and let them pick a favorite toothbrush. You can also involve your child by letting them pick out their own toothpaste from options you approve of.

Always Praise Success

Every success matters and is a step to a lifetime of good dental habits. When your children brush their teeth, praise them for doing well and tell them you are proud of them for being so responsible. This not only makes them happy but ensures they will continue caring for their teeth. You may want to consider adding games such as a reward system or prizes.

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